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If you ...

  • Are starting a new business
  • Need to motivate your staff
  • Feel unsure how to present yourself in job interviews
  • Need help selling your skills
  • Want to maximize your professional effectiveness
  • Are a sales professional looking for an edge
  • Manage or supervise people
  • Are better “in person than on paper”
  • Feel resume-deficient
  • In the midst of a career change

… then you can benefit from Trish Martin’s experience!

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Trish Martin Presents:

ReMotivate, RePackage and RePresent Yourself

To be rescheduled soon.
OGCMA Community Room
40 Pilgrim Pathway
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

Attend this 2-hour seminar and take the first step toward redefining yourself, your attitude and your career!

Learn to:

  • Effectively communicate your value
  • Position yourself to achieve your goals
  • Rethink the words you use in communicating
  • Uncover the advantage of voice mail
  • Appreciate the effectiveness of email and text messages

Yes! I want to
ReMotivate, RePackage and RePresent Myself!