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seminars for corporationsWhether streamlining processes, maintaining customer service or meeting sales goals her emphasis is on the tools we have control of and how to use them most effectively. Trish's seminars benefit staff on the home campus, independent employees and contractors in the field right on up to the highest levels of management. Her motivational seminars have also been used as an important step in the downsizing process generating as much goodwill with those leaving the firm as with those who remain.

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  • ReMotivate, RePackage and RePresent Yourself
    (June 17, 2009, Ocean Grove, NJ)
  • Adaptive Presentations...How to turn off the autopilot!
  • Checking the Pulse of Your Lifelines...How did that deal die?
  • Lost In Translation...Why email often turns into a failure to communicate
  • How to Give Good Phone – The power of voice mail
  • I'll Have My People Call Your People...or...Frankly, my dear, I don't give...Yes! You do! All business is personal!
  • Casual Friday Has Become a Casualty...and why that's a good thing! Presenting yourself is as important as presenting your product. You are the frontline!
  • The Inter-Generation Workplace – Managing common goals and clashing styles

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